Day of the Movie - Forum Snowboards 【 Forever 】 -Full Movie -

久しぶりのDay of the Movieは、今なきスノーボードブランド ”Forum Snowboards ”
【 Forever 】 です。ジャンジャクソンのクレイジートリックから、ジェイクブラウベルトのリズミカルな流れのあるライディングは必見です。

Forum Snowboards is proud to present Forever, its sixth team-inspired snowboarding film starring Peter Line, Joni Malmi, Eddie Wall, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore, John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Jake Welch, Nic Sauve, and up-and-comers Daniel Ek and Niko Cioffi. With everything you've come to expect from Forum, and more that you haven't, Forever documents the life and times of the Forum Team, from 5 a.m.backcountry calls to midnight street sessions and everything in between. Created by the makers of such highly acclaimed films as The Resistance, True Life, Video Gangs, That, and Forum or Against 'Em. Forever Forum . . . Forever Snowboarding.

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