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Before this season I really didn’t know Ethan Deiss. I guess I had a little bit of preconceived notion of what he was like, but beyond that I just knew him as the Midwest kid who had the crazy breakout video part and then filmed standout Burton Presents parts year in and year out. After talking to Billy Anderson in Baldface and after countless phone calls from Jake OE (seriously, Jake would leave messages on my phone that just said, “Ethan Deiss”), Ethan joined the roster for The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD. I ended up spending most of my season traveling with Ethan and he has quickly become one of my favorite people.
Ethan is an incredibly hard worker. He puts in long hours of scoping, long hours of prep work, and is down to hop fences, avoid cops, drive his car across public parks, use his damn blow torch in the middle of busy cities–basically whatever it takes to get a shot. The blow torch was actually a source of frustration with me; he loves using the thing, maybe even more than he loves the actual snowboarding, and I hate the freaking thing, I joked I was going to go to Minnesota in the summer and blow it up to end the movie. But I digress, Ethan’s work ethic really shows in this episode of Uncut. He really killed it this winter and seemed to come away with a shot everywhere we went. (He also has probably both the most and craziest almost makes of anyone in the movie.)
Most importantly, considering the crew vibe of the winter, was the fact that Ethan is just a damn good person to be around. He’s funny as hell (he’s got a really funny Mexican character in him that he’ll bust out from time to time) and constantly kept the crew vibes up no matter where the stress level was at in the group. I’m so glad we listened to Jake and I can’t wait to get the chance to shoot with Ethan again. I hope you enjoy this look into Ethan’s hard drive of footage from this winter.
Filmed By John Cavan, Jon Ray, Trent Ludwig, Derek Weimer, Jon Stark, Naoki Utsumi, and Justin Eels.
Music By Jason Bayne.
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