Resolution: The Snowboarder Movie S.I.A. Trailer 予告編


Resolution: The Snowboarder Movie S.I.A. Trailer

気分はすっかり夏ですが、、是非チェックしましょう〜 !!
In literary terms, RESOLUTION is the act of finding closure to the elements that have driven the narrative up to that point. Within the visual realm, RESOLUTION refers to the sharpness of an image, while the most ubiquitous use of RESOLUTION is in the context of achieving one’s own ambitious goals. For the 2015/2016 winter, SNOWBOARDER has brought together the most inspiring list of past, present and future icons to appear on a single snowboard film marquee in recent memory. Regardless of affinity, age, experience, style or skill, every rider comes into a new season with the desire to enrich their own snowboarding canon. This could be exploring new terrain, perfecting a certain trick or simply making more time to enjoy the common pursuit of riding for riding’s sake. Jake Blauvelt, Lucas Magoon, Ben Ferguson, Chris Grenier, Terje Haakonsen, Frank April, Mikey Rencz, Danny Davis, Harrison Gordon, Bryan Iguchi, Scott Blum, Mikkel Bang, Louif Paradis and Jamie Lynn each have their own motivations that will define this season and what you will witness this fall on the silver screen is their RESOLUTION.
Directed and Edited By: John Cavan and Colton Morgan
Cinematography By: Kyle Shwartz, Aaron Leyland, Colton Morgan, Adam "Beef" Ruzzamenti, Justin Eels, and John Cavan
Art Director: Dave Steigerwald
Additional Cinematography By: Jake Price, Paul Heron, Mark Reznikov, Mia Lambson, Seth Huot, Mathieu Gibeault