Bjorn Leines Shares his Snowboarding Experience with the Next Generation | Insight


US TRANS WORLDから【Bjorn Leines Shares his Snowboarding Experience with the Next Generation | Insight】がアップされました。
かつてはFORUM8との一人して活躍し、今もいぶし銀スタイルで滑り続けているBJ LINES。
Snowboarding is a family. ‘Tribe’ would be another accurate descriptor, but that conjures images of bad tattoos. The point is that the young guns learn from those who’ve been at it longer.
The relationship between Bjorn Leines and riders like Red Gerard, Nils Mindnich, and Tyler Nicholson is one that’s existed as long as mankind. It used to be the way one determined where to hunt and how not to get eaten; in this case Red, Nils and Tyler are learning where to score untouched powder and how not to get swallowed by an avalanche.

Bjorn has been filming video parts for as long as—or longer than—these guys have been alive. He’s had one of the most illustrious careers in snowboarding, and the evolution of Bjorn’s longevity has put him in a unique position to pass down knowledge learned over decades spent filming in the backcountry. This season Bjorn played a critical role in facilitating the stacking of clips by the Insight roster’s younger, apprenticing riders, all the while putting together a hammertime video part of his own. Look for it when the movie drops November 1st.

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