Arbor Snowboards :: Bryan Iguchi Pro - Available Black Friday


Arbor Snowboards :: Bryan Iguchi Pro - Available Black Fridayがアップされています。
自身のシグネイチャーモデル"Black friday"を乗利己なし、スタリッシュに山を滑っている映像を見るだけで
Bryan Iguchi is an innovator, ambassador, artist, and friend. Appreciation for his contribution to snowboarding only grows with time. His instinct for the arc of progression has made each stand-alone period in his career simply chapters in a powerful and ongoing story. As Arbor Snowboards begins our 20th year in business, we are very proud to introduce The Bryan Iguchi Pro Model.
Bryan brings a lifetime of experience to this Camber System design. The Byran Iguchi Pro is a big mountain twin, with a slightly tapered tail and somewhat longer nose for performance in deep snow. This stealthy shape delivers cross-terrain finesse for backcountry, steeps, and speed. Bryan’s experience and passion underpin this new design, which he put through its paces in Jackson Hole, Europe, and AK before we confidently brought it to you.
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